Bandung City Welcomes Bobotoh and Jakmania Peace

Bandung City Welcomes Bobotoh and Jakmania Peace

Bandung City Government will entertain Persija Jakarta supporters, The Jakmania, who planned to visit to discuss peace with bobotoh in Pendopo Bandung Agen Domino Online.

“Thursday or Friday the group of The Jak want to come to Bandung, led by the leaders and owners of Persija, Pak Gede, is set time, for us to give gestures of peace,” said Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil, Monday (31/7/2017) As quoted by Antara.

He explained that Jakmania is planning to come and fulfill the invitation. However, he claimed not to know the technical of the meeting.

“We have to take the lessons of Ricko Andrean, we welcome in the Hall,” he said referring to a supporter who died after becoming a victim of a beating.

He also appreciated the peace efforts undertaken bobotoh with Jakmania in border areas such as Bekasi and Purwakarta, calling it a first step to knit peace amongst the often-contending supporters.

“Yes it is good, if in Bandung it is difficult to find The Jak.If the border is a lot and often I meet and I appreciate,” he said.

“But whatever it is, it is important to bring the spirit that football is about fairplay, and unity, so rivalry without crime,” he beber.

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