Ronaldo Towards 13 Days for Judgment

Ronaldo Towards 13 Days for Judgment

Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, reportedly has 13 days to acknowledge himself guilty or not about the case of tax evasion that is ensnaring him.

Ronaldo must decide whether he will admit guilt or keep refusing all the lawsuits filed against him before August 20, 2017. Thus reported by BolaSport from Football Espana.

If the 32-year-old continues to plead not guilty but then at trial found guilty, then Ronaldo will be in jail for at least 7 years. Experts in Spain say, the possibility is very small Ronaldo was declared not guilty.

But if Ronaldo pleads guilty in court, he will get a very large fine and imprisonment. However, this former Manchester United winger will not spend much time in the bars.

The law in Spain says that if a person commits a violation for the first time, they do not have to go to jail if the sentence is less than two years.

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