Bhayangkara FC Continues to Continue Victory Trend

Bhayangkara FC Continues to Continue Victory Trend

Bhayangkara FC (BFC) is determined to win the sixth game in a row when entertaining Borneo FC on Wednesday (20/09/2017). This optimism was delivered by BFC coach Simon McMenemy, yesterday. Simon said his team was in very excited situations.

“Young teams with tremendous mental and fighting spirit are slow but sure players understand and enjoy the game, enjoying the game is very important because if the players enjoy the game, goals will come and stay for a while,” explained the former coach of the Philippines that.

Simon said, the fight against Borneo in addition to continuing the trend of victory is also revenge. Because, in the first round, Bhayangkara FC was defeated 0-2 from Borneo.

“At that time we had a lot of chances, but we could not take advantage of it when we hosted Borneo we should win in lieu of missing points,” he said.

Problem replacing the missing points in the first round, Wahyu Subo and colleagues have proven it can. Like when replying to defeat from Roma, 2-1. Win from PS TNI, 0-1 and Arema 2-0. That proves the mentality of BFC has been tested. “But the players have to stay focused and concentrated in the game,” said Simon.

The Guardian are in a good position and still lead the league standings. Bhayangkara FC team captain, Indra Kahfi said, now many teams who want to beat them. “So we must always be ready with a winning mentality if we want to come out as winners at the end of the season,” said Indra Kahfi.