Saddil Ramdani Code Hengkang from Persela Next Season

Saddil Ramdani Code Hengkang from Persela Next Season

Persela Lamongan hope worried. The reason is one of his flagship young player Saddil Ramdani hinted from the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Tingkir it.

The player who operates as a winger midfielder is openly eager to defend a great club in the upcoming season.

“Want to play in big clubs, who does not want any players will want to feel playing in big clubs,” said Saddil told at the Football Field Arena, Sersan Bajuri Lembang Street, West Bandung regency, Friday (27/10 / 2017).

But Saddil can not reveal in detail the reasons for wanting to defend a big club, including the team he wants to defend next season.

In addition to still under contract with Persela, Southeast Sulawesi-born players are eager to focus first defend the U-19 national team is now preparing to face the 2018 Asian Cup Qualification will be held October 31 to November 8 in South Korea.

“Not yet … There is also no offer from any club,” said Saddil Ramdani, confirming even though he has the desire to defend the elite club he has not made any agreement with other clubs besides Tim Jaka Tingkir.

“The important thing at this time I have to focus with the national team, when it is finished just think of the others,” he said.

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