The Palace Supporters More Royal and Loyal than Man United

The Palace Supporters More Royal and Loyal than Man United

Crystal Palace started the Premier League competition in 2017-2018 season very badly The Eagles beralas team is at the bottom of the standings for just collecting four points from 10 games already dilakoni.

Nonetheless, the club’s supporters remain loyal and supportive. The proof, the stadium is almost always filled to the full capacity of the Palace in front of the public itself.

From the list that was launched from Inside World Football, until the 10th week of this Palace became the club with the best average in terms of the number of stadium seats are fully loaded. They are able to defeat English Premier League teams like Manchester United and Liverpool.

Selhurst Park, the Palace cage, which has a capacity of 25,456 people is almost always fully loaded with an average of 99.16 percent or just empty of 216 seats for the past ten weeks. Manchester United is in second place with average attendance of 99.09 percent of 75,731 total capacity of Old Trafford.

From this list of top 10, seven teams have an average home audience of more than 95 percent. Liverpool and Arsenal are the top six teams also get into the top ten list.

The Reds are ranked fifth with an average attendance rate of 98.34 percent home crowd while Arsenal just under Liverpool with an average of 98.27 percent of the audience who came.

In this list, two big teams namely Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City did not enter. Both teams lost to mid-table teams such as Brighton Hove Albion, Bournemouth and Burnley.

Here is a complete list of average attendance attendance at home games Premier League until the 10th week reported by from Inside football World:

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