Pep Guardiola Takes Pushing Negative Comments Paul Pogba Comes to Manchester Derby

Pep Guardiola Takes Pushing Negative Comments Paul Pogba Comes to Manchester Derby

In his comments before the Manchester Derby weekend, Paul Pogba admitted he hoped there was an injured Manchester City player to benefit Manchester United Taruhan bola.

The comment has given rise to various reactions, both positive and negative. Like from among the fans of The Citizens who deplore the inappropriate sentence sent from a world class player.

Manchester Derby will indeed be one of the most crucial duel of this season, the article of both teams are in first and second place standings. City leads with an eight-point lead over the Red Devils, and has recorded 13 consecutive wins in the Premier League.

Conditions not much different also experienced the Red Devils. They look better since Paul Pogba is back playing, but the French midfielder was hit by a red card when his team won 3-1 at the Emirates. He allegedly accidentally stepped on the back of Hector Bellerin’s knee.

Thus the former Juventus player is certainly not going to perform in the Derby Manchester, which of course makes the camp of the Blue Sky a little grateful.

“I hope and it’s really bad saying like this, but I hope they [Manchester City] will find some players the importance of what kind of injury we are experiencing,” Pogba said.

“People do not see this, do not talk about it, but every time we have important players they get injured when there is an important game.”

“So if it starts happening with them maybe we’ll get a bit of a difference. Little touch that it makes them weak, “he said.

Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola who met after his team’s 2-1 victory over West Ham, admitted to not take a headache what has been said Pogba. He even regretted not being able to meet the former world’s most expensive player in Manchester derby match next week.

“The hope is that no one will get injured,” Pep said in response to Pogba’s wishes.

“I would love Paul to play against us because I love against the team with his best players, like the possibility to see if we can beat them,”

“I’m sure it’s an expression and he does not want our players to get hurt.” (Source: Daily Mail)

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