Hoddle Questioning Bakayoko Quality

Hoddle Questioning Bakayoko Quality

Former Chelsea coach Glenn Hoddle has declared Tiemoue Bakayoko not to contribute at all to the team he has defended so far Lampubola.com.

Previously, the player who in the boyong of Monaco with a fantastic transfer value is in the call of a proper substitute Nemanja Matic who moved to Manchester United but when playing a 3-3 counter contra AS Roma in the Champions League continued the 23-year-old player was not at all satisfactory .

Even Hoddle also gave criticism for the management of The Blues which easily sell the Matic to Old Trafford. In the transfer market yesterday.

“Bakayoko should be involved in the competition. He has to do more, “Glenn Hoddle told the media.

“Because he came up with a reputation, I’m not sure about him yet. He’s a big and strong player but he easily lost the ball a few times.

“The departure of Matic makes me scratch my head and you should not sell it to one of your rivals.

“He is now playing great for United and losing big for Chelsea.”