Saddil Ramdani Code Hengkang from Persela Next Season

Saddil Ramdani Code Hengkang from Persela Next Season

Persela Lamongan hope worried. The reason is one of his flagship young player Saddil Ramdani hinted from the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Tingkir it.

The player who operates as a winger midfielder is openly eager to defend a great club in the upcoming season.

“Want to play in big clubs, who does not want any players will want to feel playing in big clubs,” said Saddil told at the Football Field Arena, Sersan Bajuri Lembang Street, West Bandung regency, Friday (27/10 / 2017).

But Saddil can not reveal in detail the reasons for wanting to defend a big club, including the team he wants to defend next season.

In addition to still under contract with Persela, Southeast Sulawesi-born players are eager to focus first defend the U-19 national team is now preparing to face the 2018 Asian Cup Qualification will be held October 31 to November 8 in South Korea.

“Not yet … There is also no offer from any club,” said Saddil Ramdani, confirming even though he has the desire to defend the elite club he has not made any agreement with other clubs besides Tim Jaka Tingkir.

“The important thing at this time I have to focus with the national team, when it is finished just think of the others,” he said.

Bend Persebaya, Central Kalimantan Men’s 8th Big League 2

Bend Persebaya, Central Kalimantan Men’s 8th Big League 2

Persebaya Surabaya failed to take advantage of their home game. Entertain Kalteng Putra, Gelora Bung Tomo (GBT), Thursday (10/12/2017) in the follow-up of 16 major League 2 Group C, Persebaya play under quality. As a result, Angel Alfredo Vera’s team must be bent their opponent, 0-1. This victory successfully brought the Central Kalimantan Son to qualify for the last eight of League 2.

Actually, many opportunities are created from Rendi Irwan and friends. Unfortunately, Ricky Kayame failed to maximize the opportunities. A total of three opportunities that can not be maximized by this striker from Papua.

Previously, coach Persebaya, Alfredo Vera has been trying to improve the quality of his attacker. However, today’s match, what is the task of Alfredo has not been completed.

On the other hand, Kalteng Putra managed to take advantage of poor game Persebaya. They managed to steal a goal Rifaldi Bawuo in the 77th minute and closed the game with a 1-0 victory. “I am grateful for this victory, we finally got through to the next round,” he said.

Kas Hartadi also thanked his players, especially on Rifaldi Bawuo, who scored the only goal of the day. “I, the management and the Governor would like to thank the players, for this crucial competitive victory,” he said.

Hartadi also revealed, the secret of his team to bend the host team Persebaya. “Our players are patient enough to seek victory, especially because our defense organization is strong enough to hold Persebaya,” he said.

Bhayangkara FC Continues to Continue Victory Trend

Bhayangkara FC Continues to Continue Victory Trend

Bhayangkara FC (BFC) is determined to win the sixth game in a row when entertaining Borneo FC on Wednesday (20/09/2017). This optimism was delivered by BFC coach Simon McMenemy, yesterday. Simon said his team was in very excited situations.

“Young teams with tremendous mental and fighting spirit are slow but sure players understand and enjoy the game, enjoying the game is very important because if the players enjoy the game, goals will come and stay for a while,” explained the former coach of the Philippines that.

Simon said, the fight against Borneo in addition to continuing the trend of victory is also revenge. Because, in the first round, Bhayangkara FC was defeated 0-2 from Borneo.

“At that time we had a lot of chances, but we could not take advantage of it when we hosted Borneo we should win in lieu of missing points,” he said.

Problem replacing the missing points in the first round, Wahyu Subo and colleagues have proven it can. Like when replying to defeat from Roma, 2-1. Win from PS TNI, 0-1 and Arema 2-0. That proves the mentality of BFC has been tested. “But the players have to stay focused and concentrated in the game,” said Simon.

The Guardian are in a good position and still lead the league standings. Bhayangkara FC team captain, Indra Kahfi said, now many teams who want to beat them. “So we must always be ready with a winning mentality if we want to come out as winners at the end of the season,” said Indra Kahfi.

Peach League 3 Winner, This Player Direct Lamar Lover in the Field

Peach League 3 Winner, This Player Direct Lamar Lover in the Field

Kendal Central Kendal Players, Restu Adi Ristiarno, immediately applying his lover, Sri Puji Lestari, in the field of soccer kebondalem, after bringing his team champions League 3 Central Java, Saturday (19/08/2017).

Speech submitted through the loudspeaker, making Persik Kendal supporters, who still celebrate the victory, spontaneously silent, though only a few seconds. After that, they applauded for the Peach Persik’s backer.

The applause is echoing, as Puji walks toward the ball field.

“Will you accept my proposal,” Restu asked, after the lover was in front of him.

Praise answered with a nod. Then, Restu pinned the ring onto the sweetheart’s finger. Not to forget, the player numbered back 4 was hugging and kissing his dream woman’s forehead.

“Complete my happiness today. Can bring peach Kendal champion and my application is accepted, “he said.

Meanwhile, Sri Puji Lestari admitted surprised when he heard his lover proposed. He and some friends still celebrate the victory of Peach Kendal.

“I initially did not believe it. But after I saw my lover holding the microphone and repeating her words, I finally believed, “Puji said.

Puji admitted glad to get this proposal. They’ve been in this relationship for a long time, about 25 months.

“I just do not know his application takes place in the field,” he said happily.

Bandung City Welcomes Bobotoh and Jakmania Peace

Bandung City Welcomes Bobotoh and Jakmania Peace

Bandung City Government will entertain Persija Jakarta supporters, The Jakmania, who planned to visit to discuss peace with bobotoh in Pendopo Bandung Agen Domino Online.

“Thursday or Friday the group of The Jak want to come to Bandung, led by the leaders and owners of Persija, Pak Gede, is set time, for us to give gestures of peace,” said Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil, Monday (31/7/2017) As quoted by Antara.

He explained that Jakmania is planning to come and fulfill the invitation. However, he claimed not to know the technical of the meeting.

“We have to take the lessons of Ricko Andrean, we welcome in the Hall,” he said referring to a supporter who died after becoming a victim of a beating.

He also appreciated the peace efforts undertaken bobotoh with Jakmania in border areas such as Bekasi and Purwakarta, calling it a first step to knit peace amongst the often-contending supporters.

“Yes it is good, if in Bandung it is difficult to find The Jak.If the border is a lot and often I meet and I appreciate,” he said.

“But whatever it is, it is important to bring the spirit that football is about fairplay, and unity, so rivalry without crime,” he beber.